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    Come see 2 films by Oscar Nominated filmmaker, Robin Friday

    Dear Friends, Please come see 2 films by Oscar Nominated filmmaker, Robin Friday! The Barber of Birmingham has won numerous accolades, as well as an Oscar nomination; Riding My Way Back brings the story of soldiers suffering trauma from war healing through a connection with horses. Tuesday, March 4th in Oakland ...

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    January usually finds me hibernating in cold, rainy weather, my heater turned up, while I wait for warmer days. But this first month of 2014 is different – daytime temperatures are in the 70s, we have had no rain, and 62 percent of California has been classified as under "extreme ...

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    Women’s Leadership Conference

    Dear Friends, I will be speaking at a Women's Leadership Conference at Dominican University Saturday, Feb 8th, 2014. My topic will be: Why Not Another Mandela? The program will include presentations, questions and discussion about women's leadership and how it empowers and changes our world. I am honored to be included with the ...

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    Happy Holidays

    People, possessions, thoughts, love, the cells that make up our skin – are added and subtracted during our lifetime - by a divine energy that balances an infinite universe. I am enchanted with this journey, and I am called to recognize that how I perceive my life is in my control, ...