Divine Order

Frédéric Bazille’s “Young Woman With Peonies,” 1870 from an exhibit: Black Models of Early Modernism at the Wallach Art Gallery at Columbia University

January 3, 2019

In this new year, I have set brave new intentions to expand my service to our world.

This morning’s meditation with Daily Word read, “I immerse myself in the life and energy of these two words: divine order… which contain the seed thought of healing, prosperity, harmony, guidance, and right outcomes.”

To this thought, I say, “Yes!” I allow myself to become one with my life as it is, not wanting to avoid the growth that sometimes stretches me beyond my comfort zone, not being afraid to deeply examine what is working in my life and what is not, and feeling excited to make the changes that will fulfill my purpose to serve, love and help wherever I can.

Over the New Year weekend, I attended a silent retreat in Joshua Tree where the clear blue sky and sharp, frigid air helped give clarity to see how I can transform fear and worry into trust and love. Our community of seekers meditated and affirmed how beautiful life is, how grateful we are to be alive, and that we have the capacity to witness negative thought forms, release them, and choose to believe in the spiritual power of love, light, peace, wellness, wholeness, abundance, prosperity, and divine joy.

I have made a commitment to meditate longer each day, to be available to the goodness that is inherent in each of us, and to live in the power of the one Presence that calls us to begin anew in the unlimited world of divine Source.

What do you choose to birth in 2019? 
May you embrace divine order as you walk forward to your highest good.