May 9, 2019

The Oxford Living Dictionary defines visioning as: The action of developing a plan, goal, or vision for the future.

I define it as the act of seeing or receiving guidance about one’s life – what is on the horizon of vocation, love, spiritual growth, intentions, possibilities and purpose. One may conduct research to gain facts about choosing one direction or another, and one can receive intuitive direction through meditation and visualization.

I have been visioning for the past month, meditating and journaling about my emergent calling: an intention to create women’s circles that provide peaceful discussions, creative exercises and collaborations, and healing prayers within small groups. 

It feels like I am pregnant again, just in time for Mother’s Day when I celebrate the three magnificent beings I was so fortunate to birth and learn to love so deeply – to infinity, really. Birthing an idea and purpose is exciting and my eyes sparkle as my mind plans the manifestation of what these women’s groups will look like.

My ultimate vision is peace for all, loving connection, oneness, caring. It is a lofty goal, seemingly unattainable in the face of facts. There has never been a time when there was not war on our planet.  However, the words of Indigenous Elder, Miliwanga Wurrben, are my prayer, my hope, a dream of what is possible in my own heart.

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