Education is Power

September 1, 2013

Do A Little just turned 5 years old. We have had the glorious opportunity to support over 40 non-profit organizations that bring positive change to people’s lives. I started my first foundation, Milagro, in 1998, but the business of philanthropy began when I was a young girl. My parents taught me that giving is more fulfilling than receiving, and that it isn’t how much you give, but how freely.

I have quite a few mentors who tirelessly show up to serve the needs of others. My friend, Dick Grace, says, “I try to bring the messages of kindness and compassion and helping underserved people down to reality. I don’t want to think about building a medical clinic, I want to build it. I don’t want to think about delivering medical equipment, I want to deliver it. I don’t want to think about helping a family, I want to help that family.

My friend, Vee Griffin Tabor, Executive Director of Center for Community Solutions says, “I am continually humbled and inspired by the courage, compassion and strength of the people we serve. They teach us about love and tolerance, and that change is not only possible but inevitable."

One of the young women of the first graduating class of the Daraja Academy in Kenya said of her summer volunteer job, “My favorite part about teaching is spreading education across my country. Education is power.”

One of Do A Little’s missions is to encourage giving on a small scale or a large scale. One does not need millions of dollars or thousands of hours to create change, heal wounds, feed the hungry, build affordable housing, or support microfinance. We only need to follow our calling and serve where we can, by offering our wisdom in solidarity and love.

Happy birthday, Do A Little! We thank every donor and grantee who participates with us as a part of our beloved community.


-Deborah Santana

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