February 1, 2019

I love my community….but who & how large is my community? If I am true to my beliefs, everyone is my community, not only those who want love to reign, human dignity & respect to be the operating systems by which we live, & freedom for all. This week has brought this question front & center with the harmonious end of my marriage, with a visit with one of my precious daughters living in a new city, and with the heightened sense of needing to hold onto the truth of our natural wholeness in the chaos of our world. How much can I love beyond yesterday, beyond differences, not allowing fear to enter my heart?  In the midst of swirling change & current events, I choose LOVE, infinite, everlasting Presence of all that is beautiful, divine & soft. 

Anne Lamott writes in Almost Everything: “In general, it doesn’t feel like the light is making a lot of progress. It feels like death by annoyance. At the same time, the truth is we are beloved, even in our current condition, by someone; we have loved & been loved…We have even been redeemed & saved by love, even as a few times we have been nearly destroyed, & worse, seen our children nearly destroyed. We are who we are. We are one. We are autonomous.”

The silent meditations I have sat in this week spring up in the middle of the day as a sense of well-being & spiritual ecstasy, even when I am driving on the highway or just glancing out a window. There is something or Someone bigger than the appearance of uncertainty & it hugs me so hard that tears spring to my eyes.  I am shaped into love like molten glass in a furnace of unbearably hot fire.

This is one of the songs I have been dancing to all week.

Enjoy, thrive, be whole & in love…
Always, Deborah