The Art of Words

May 1, 2018

Between the tall shelves of ten bookstores, in the salons of two museums, in the auditorium of a coworking space, and in two schools, the writers of All the Women in My Family Sing have spoken their written words. Each reading conjured a unique magic, a confluence of the writers’ life experiences with the receptivity of the audience.  We received comments about how uplifting the stories are, that there are connections between all women regardless of race, the anthology is a game-changer, a celebration of the writers’ art, an appreciation to learn more about the lack of diversity and representation in the publishing world, and how beautiful it was to listen to all the voices.  I am deeply grateful for the privilege of introducing the authors and watching faces light up with laughter, thoughtfulness and cheeks moisten with tears.

The stories of the women have built a cathedral with stained-glass windows looking into souls.  Thank you Samina Ali, Kira Lynne Allen, Natalie Baszile, Randi Bryant-Agenbroad, La Rhonda Crosby-Johnson, Belva Davis, Denise Diaab, Camille Hayes, Meilan Carter-Gilkey, Want Chyi, Tara Dorabji, Wanda Holland Greene, Menen Hailu, Mila Jam, Lisa A. Jones, Porochista Kapour, Veronica Kugler (all the way from Paris!), Kristin Leavy Miller, Michelle Mush Lee, Nashormeh Lindo, Miriam Ching Yoon Louie, Nayomi Munaweera, Marti Paschal, Deborah L. Plummer, Sridevi Ramanathan, Maria Ramos-Chertok, Shizue Seigel, Janine Shiota, Lalita Tademy, Tammy Thea, Mercy L. Tullis-Bukhari, Vicki L. Ward, and Dera R. Williams for reading at one or multiple events. You continue to lavish your creativity and courage on our world.

Please read the Call to Action page on our website and please read books by women of color. There is freedom in journeying on new trails in new lands.

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