January 24, 2017

The clarity, wisdom, peace, and harmony I long for have always been a result of my meditation, reading, prayer, and a belief in the goodness of people I am fortunate to know.

The end of 2016, the shocking result of the presidential election, and the preponderance of the “me against you” rhetoric, pushed me back to silence, to searching for resilience, faith, and joy inside myself. But I did not feel hopeful until flying to Washington, DC to participate in the Women’s March. In the company of nearly 600,000 women, children, and men who care about the rights of every being, I was re-energized, enlightened, and filled with fierce determination to work to make justice a reality. I discovered that our values of fairness, justice, compassion, dignity, humility, kindness, and love will survive and thrive in spite of those who do not want the same.

Here are some of the signs carried by marchers:

Respect existence or expect resistance
Equality for all. All are equal.
Make America think again!
Love trumps hate
John Lewis For President
Let’s change history; not repeat
Women’s rights are Human rights
Never surrender
My body, my choice
Love the World
Planned Parenthood
My uterus, my business
No human is illegal
I march for America
Love more
Love, not hate, makes America great
Power to the People

Now, returning home after this monumental day of resistance and the quest for equality, I commit to calling my state representatives and vehemently oppose the changes the new administration seeks to make that will repeal the just legislation already in place.

In “The Book of Joy,” Archbishop Tutu said, “You know human beings are basically good…I believe with a steadfast faith that there can never be a situation that is utterly, totally hopeless. Hope is deeper and very, very close to unshakable.”1

As I begin to live with more silence, I embrace the conviction that great, lasting change occurs not only from action, and also from prayer. I pray for our world to inhale the essence of God’s spirit, and to realize that we are all the same, no one person better than another; we are all children of life.

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From my heart, I sent great love to you, my friends.

Washington, DC National Mall during the January 2017 Women's March

1  The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World by Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, Douglas Abrams

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