Grace Lee Boggs

March 25, 2014

I describe myself as a social activist, philanthropist, and spiritual seeker. I study the history and expressions of women leaders who are working to make the world a better place for all. One of my sheroes is Grace Lee Boggs, who started a school to nurture creative, critical thinkers who contribute to the well-being of their communities.
A prominent activist her entire adult life, Grace Lee was born in Rhode Island in 1915, the daughter of Chinese immigrants. She studied at Barnard College and Bryn Mawr, receiving her Ph.D. in 1940. Her studies in philosophy led her to a lifetime of social activism.
Lee´s activism began in Chicago, and she focused on marginalized groups such as women and people of color. In 1953, Lee married auto worker and activist James Boggs and moved to Detroit, where she remains an activist today, writing columns for the Michigan Citizen. James died in 1993.
Grace Lee Boggs embraces a philosophy of constant questioning — not just of who we are as individuals, but of how we relate to those in our community and country, to those in other countries, and to the local and global environment.
Boggs has said, “You cannot change any society unless you take responsibility for it, unless you see yourself as belonging to it and responsible for changing it.”
Deborah Santana, Founder – Do A Little

Tags: Human Rights