The Great Turning

I participated in a weekend workshop with Buddhist scholar and deep ecology teacher, Joanna Macy. Her wisdom and joy reminded me of the great Nelson Mandela, who I was fortunate to meet in 2006. The work they have both done to heal our planet is remarkable and awe-inspiring. Joanna leads humanity to “The Great Turning,” a process through which we can slow the damage to the Earth and its beings, analyze the structural causes of Earth’s destruction and choose alternatives, and ways to shift our collective consciousness so we may embrace healing for ourselves, plants, animals, and the environment. This shift involves embracing the ancient wisdom traditions of Indigenous peoples.
In my morning meditation, I drew a card from the Universal Wisdom Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno, and it read:
“You are being asked to think about your relationship with the Earth and the little things you can do in your everyday life to help both yourself and the Earth through the current changes. Mother Earth is in need of healing. She asks that you pay attention to her needs and spare her a loving thought…The Earth breathes and feels, just like you…She is a reflection of humanity. She is one with you. The Earth is a conscious entity. Your love will help her regain her balance.”
I take this instruction as truth, as divine guidance, as affirmation that my participation in the Great Turning is in flow with my life. Every choice I make will have long-term effects for our planet, for my children’s children’s children, and will help determine the outcome for every sentient being’s offspring. Indeed, we are all interconnected throughout eternity; my ancestors with my future unseen generations, the rivers with the oceans, the dreams for a healthier planet with the healing of land, seas, animals and humans. There is an evolutionary process we can all participate in by setting our intentions and work on purposeful solutions to the crisis of indifference and ignorance.

Please read Joanna Macy’s website for more information:

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