Receive Your Life

The energetic system of our human essence embodies the capacity to seek peace, even in the most trying circumstances. Noted neuroscientist, Peggy La Cerra wrote, “Despite our differences, we are all the handiwork of the energetic universe, and each of us — and everything in the world around us — manifests its laws. At moments of self-realization, regardless of the path we took to get there, we see that everything is — and always has been — “˜at one with the universe,’ aligned with the exquisitely principled beauty of the whole.” (Spirituality & Health Magazine, Jan/Feb 2009)

It is my belief that the world is the classroom for humans, and how I respond to the vagaries of my life will directly correspond with the serenity I feel. Each of us has the interior capacity to succeed in life, but being able to be at ease when things are not as we want allows us to become strong within. When I have an upset such as anger, disappointment, sadness, or confusion, I sit with the feelings until they settle. And they always do, whether it is within five minutes of meditating at my shrine, or twenty minutes, or forty-five. It sometimes takes reading the writings of spiritual teachers and seekers, the poetry of Rumi or Ruth Forman, or listening to the music of Deva Premal or Corinne Bailey Rae. It might take sipping a cup of hot tea as I gaze out the window at the sky, or a long hike on a mountain trail, or all of the above, but it is possible to find strength and peace.

One of the gentlest ways to reunify oneself is to accept who we are at this moment. Not to wish for some other experience: a younger body, that a difficult project was completed, or for someone else to change. What can I accept about this moment that will bring me into harmony with myself? Can I feel the design of my own life as part of a perfect plan?

This morning at the beginning of yoga class, teacher Jonathan Povsky said, “Receive your life.” Every cell in my body shimmered in recognition of this idea. Most often, I am pushing my schedule, coaxing my mind, or striving to fix my life. The thought that I could receive myself, just as I am, welcoming every nuance and aspect, was lovely. It released me from the illusion that I have to do something extraordinary to pay for my existence on earth, and it put me in harmony with La Cerra’s idea that I am “at one with the universe.”

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