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In mid-May, I was introduced to deep breathing as a technique for healing. The practitioner I worked with taught me a circular, connected, open-mouthed style that allowed emotional blocks to shift. After the sessions, I felt alternately energetic, peaceful, and sometimes in an unsettled mood as I processed what had arisen in the session. Most informative for me was an article by Peggy La Cerra in Spirituality and Health Magazine’s May/June 2012 issue.  She states that breathing is the most basic of our voluntary behaviors, yet we rarely stop to think about it. Our bodies expel 70 percent of their toxins through respiration. Breathing is cleansing. I know that I hold my breath a lot. I have held my spirit from receiving because of this. Now I notice when I am not taking in the oxygen that will sustain me, or releasing the carbon dioxide I don’t need. I’m mentioning this because the lightness my body feels when I inhale and exhale deeply cleanses my body and renews my spirit. Try it!

Article: Spirituality & Health

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