A dream of mine has been to assist girls in receiving advanced educations to help them assume roles of leadership in the world. More than sending money for scholarships or school supplies, I have longed to have a connection with the young women served by my foundation, Do A Little. Today I leave for Kenya to visit Daraja Academy. Twenty-six new students will move on campus later this week, joining twenty-six girls who have studied at Daraja for one year. The science teacher said, “There are mountains we will climb together,” about the opportunities these girls have to receive an education, about the hard work and dedication they will apply to their studies, which will change their lives. In Kenya, girls are often married at an early age, rather than offered an education. Families frequently have to choose between sending girls to school or having their help in the home. From the neighboring villages of Naibor and Nanyuki, to the Ugandan border, and as far away as the coast of the Indian Ocean, girls from five different tribes have been interviewed and invited to receive a free secondary education at Daraja Academy.

I travel to Daraja to experience and receive the African souls of these girls. Daraja Academy does not want to American-ize these girls, but with Kenyan teachers and staff, along with the American founders and directors, the academy seeks to level the playing field so that the girls can soar with the power of their minds.

On this pilgrimage to Daraja Academy, I carry oneness and harmony from Do A Little supporters in my heart.


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