Meet the Divine in Your Life

“If you want to meet the divine in your life, you have to expose your heart.” I copied Aqeela Sherrills’ words in my journal five years ago and they speak to me just as profoundly today. I want to meet the essence of God, to live above the materialism of this world; I want to embrace the sacred. I also want to open myself to humanity, to be a participant in every aspect of life — the physical, the emotional and the intellectual, to be in my body in an ever-evolving way.
Exposing my heart means that I will be fully who I am, not hiding my defects, but reaching out with my authentic self, aware of my place in the circle of all beings, and adding my consciousness to life’s flow. I want to keep an open mind so that when the thoughts of others shine a light on the path, I can drop my defenses and accept their wisdom.
What I have learned through the experience of loss is that liberation of spirit comes by letting go of fear and accepting what is. From that place of awakening, I can grow stronger, feel more alive, and be filled with infinite possibility.
When I read that Aqeela Sherrills’ son, Terrell, was shot to death in 2004 and he began talking to people about forgiveness and reconciliation, I paid more attention to the power of his quote. He did not choose revenge or self-pity, but the path of traveling the world in an effort to stop violence and create peace. He is searching to find common ground in a spirit of reverence and compassion, an understanding that our primary mission is the restoration of the vitality of the human spirit.
May we join this movement with awareness and love.

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