I Am Exactly Where I Am Destined To Be

Summer is nearing its last days, leaves are beginning to drift from oak trees outside my house, and children are returning to school. I have been writing poetry with author and teacher, Alison Luterman, who is inspiring me to step beyond what I know. I also took a one-day collage class with Lindsay Whiting, whose intelligence and talent helped me birth a piece I titled, GO. What I believe is that standing still, looking back, or missing what is no longer part of my life is a waste of my time and spirit, and shows a lack of faith in the beauty of this moment. When I listen to the soft voice within, I know that I am exactly where I am destined to be. Join me in claiming the power of today, of having compassion and love for yourself and others. An excerpt from a poem I am working on:
What longs to rise from the wondrous parts of me and cling to you,
Are strands of berry-red hands to softly touch the places you’ve hidden…

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