October 2009

Every experience arrives at the perfect moment. Outside my window, a worker funnels pieces of cut trees into a grinder, making a furious noise of wood against steel. It is jarring, but reminds me of the gravitas of my journey. The arborists have removed the unnecessary limbs and given the trees room to grow, providing space for more sunlight and oxygen to reach the exposed bark. These two years on my own have been a lesson of grace as I have pruned limbs of my life, giving myself room to grow in new ways.

Pema Chodron wrote, “If you are alive, if you have heart, if you can love, if you can be compassionate…then you won’t have any resentment or resistance…Lovingkindness is the sense of satisfaction with who we are and what we have” (The Wisdom of No Escape). Compassion is truly the vehicle through which we can accept and love ourselves, and others, adjusting to the changes in our lives. It is a blanket in which we can wrap what happens that may hurt us, or not make sense, and become wide in our love.

I am sending a blanket of compassion, tempered with joy, into the world. Finding peace depends on being in touch with what is important within us. My passion and purpose are fed by the grantees of Do A Little. Through them, I have courage and exhilarating joy to walk through life.

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